I had sadness for breakfast today                                                         

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Berlin - 08/2014 XI


UC Berkeley / Brenton Haslam

The Atlas Blogger

This crater, 'The Sedan Crater', remains from the Plowshares program, the purpose of which was to test the peaceful use of nuclear explosions. The operating hypothesis was that a nuclear explosion could easily excavate a large area, facilitating the building of canals and roads, improving mining techniques, or simply moving a large amount of rock and soil. The intensity and distribution of radiation proved too great, and the program was abandoned. The “Sedan” device was thermonuclear—70 percent fusion, 30 percent fission—with a yield of 100 kilotons. The crater is an impressive 635 feet deep and 1,280 feet wide. The weight of the material lifted was 12 million tons.[Taken from the book Nuclear Landscapes, by Peter Goin]

REPUBLIC OF KOREA, SEOUL : A child lies in a pool of water to cool down in central Seoul on August 1, 2014. South Korea’s state weather agency issued a heat wave warning for Seoul for the first time this year, advising people to stay indoors. Heat wave warnings are issued when the daytime high is expected to stay above 35 C (95F) for two or more consecutive days, according to state media. AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones